Books And Literature On Web Authoring-The Literature

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Really, there is much to discuss when it comes to books and literature about web authoring, there are so many aspects which could be covered. Here in this post, we have to take a look into literatures on web authoring, and these literatures are include materials published in magazines, as well as on sites across the Internet.

There are many magazines which are published for the budding web author. Some of the hundreds of magazines includes Practical Web Design, Digital Web Magazine and D-Zine!. Although there are many magazines in print, there are others which are not published in printed form and published online. These magazines include web authoring tips as well as software. This however, doesn’t necessarily open the nitty gritty of the internal coding of the actual site.

Other sources of information include online forums. These forums provide a world wide, interactive source of web authoring, where people can read up tips and tricks as well as look for help. Unlike books, magazines, and content websites, they allow for interactions, and searches for relevant information. Forums are usually up-to-date and because of this is helpful for young budding web authors find what they want.

Lastly of the basic literatures is content websites. Some websites are dedicated to specific coding formats, while others have a jungle of information though it. Much like books, online websites describing coding and formats are of a seemingly dead source, however a few provide interactive samples. Differing from books, online websites are coloured. This difference enables budding web authors see the colours and effect online.

Road Warrior Rescue Plan: Create a “Travel Book” and Keep Your Spirits High

In a “past life”, I traveled for business-a lot. I was in sales; do I need to say more? I was one of those exhausted people you pass in the airport security line, shifting from foot to foot in high heels that stopped being comfortable hours ago, wishing I were wearing jeans and a comfy shirt instead of a business suit.

After dragging home more dead than alive because of inevitable flight delays, lost baggage and other road hazards, I decided to take full responsibility for my mood. I might not be able to fix the weather, find my suitcase or fly the plane, but I was completely in charge of what went on inside my head.

I had always made sure that I carried a book; actually, enough books to last in case my plane was delayed. I loved mysteries or espionage stories that took me to a completely different world. Magazines were good, too-fun, informative and visually delicious. I tried walking, window-shopping and listening to music. It all helped take my mind off the worst parts of travel, but something was missing.

I realized that as much fun as the books and magazines were, they didn’t quite hit the spot because they didn’t speak to me in a way that nourished my soul. So I got a blank journal and grabbed some scissors, glue and other supplies and started to fiddle around with an idea that was just taking shape in my mind. What I came up with was so powerful, I’ve got to share it with you as an on-the-road sanity-saver and survival tool, because it changed my whole mindset when it came to business travel.

I realized that I was missing a book that validated and reinforced my personal perspective and encouraged my positive outlook toward my job and the people I worked with. I wanted to have a book that could lift me up, quiet me, encourage and inspire me.

I grabbed a blank journal, the kind you can find in stationery stores and gift shops. I chose something with an attractive and durable cover and lots of blank pages. You want something that feels good in your hand, and something that can stand some wear and tear in your suitcase.

I was already a rabid quote collector, so I started collecting more quotes. I looked for inspiring quotes, hopeful sayings, motivating comments that lifted me up. When you’re creating your own book, look for quotes that take the high road, positive ideas that you respond to. Find inspiring, motivating and encouraging words that remind you that you CAN do it. Seek out quotes that help you get unstuck and that remind you that low points and obstacles are only temporary. Whether the words come from an anonymous source or someone you respect, look for words of wisdom, something that makes you laugh, or advice for overcoming adversity.

I also started to look for pictures that spoke to me. That included snap shots, magazine photos, even photos I printed off the Internet. For me, a visual/photo/postcard/magazine cutout can be instant gratification, a getaway, an escape. It takes me out of the moment like a breath of fresh air or a walk around the block. Photos like that provide a positive distraction, a visual message that is as strong and compelling as a written one. In the books I created for myself, I tried to put together a visual and a quote that enhanced each other.

The books I created gave me personal energy and support after a long day on the road. Some of them lit a fire under me, while others stood by my side. I had somewhere to turn if I needed someone in my corner with unending hope, vision and energy. Or, if I needed motivation to face a tough situation, I knew where to look to find what I needed.

My travel book of quotes and pictures helped me remember that I was part of a larger place and a bigger picture. That helped to put my worries in perspective. It gave me the courage to take risks and go for what I wanted. I credit my travel books with helping me create a wider view and think out of the box. When I was feeling low, my travel books helped me forgive, try again, or get back up and start over. They kept me true to what I really valued, and spoke to me in my own language to help me through tough times.

Life on the road is tough, but you can create your own private oasis. If the idea of creating your own travel book appeals to you, why not give it a shot? Try it, and you might find yourself looking forward to your next business trip!

Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines and Selling Them on eBay

Vintage books and magazines were packed with prints and advertisements and other paper items which are not only interesting, but very collectable, and profitable, too. So many things derived from these old publications are hot sellers on eBay including: prints, advertisements, knitting and other craftwork patterns, recipes, how to articles, historical articles, music scores, stories and other out of copyright material … etc., etc, etc.

Let me introduce you to just a few of these easy to find items.


Old prints are valuable collectors’ pieces and there’s a good income to be made simply from packaging prints neatly and categorizing them according to theme, eBay’s best sellers being: animals, sports (especially golf and horse racing), royalty, music hall artists, topographical (named locations) and children.


Advertisements were often hugely ornate, colored or black and white, photographic or artist-drawn. Whatever shape they take, framed and unframed, mounted and unmounted advertisements are very popular on eBay where only recently an advertisement placed by a slave trader in The Memphis Daily Avalanche in 1859 fetched $200.


‘Clippings’, sometimes called ‘Cuttings’ as both names suggest, are simply items cut from books and other printed publications. They can be large or small, or even comprise entire sections of a book linked to a specific theme. They can fetch high prices on eBay as did a 1909 article about the magician Houdini that went for $200 in May 2005 and clippings of Rudolph Valentino fetched $305 at around the same time.

Gifts and Advertising Novelties from Early Publications

Early publications often contained useful free gifts for readers, some of which are profitable collectors’ items today. The most common free gifts were advertising inserts and sometimes advertising blotters, rulers, children’s painting books and maps. Maps are particularly prolific in older books and are amongst eBay’s highest priced items, such as the 1873 Beers Atlas of Maps of Long Island New York which recently fetch over $2,000 and a Mitchell’s Map of Missouri and Arkansas found folded inside a tatty old book from 1937 that reached $1702.


Some early publications, larger ones, had double center page spreads that make great posters and prints. They can fetch bids of $20 and more. As for all publications, learn to specialize, and look for special interest magazines, targeting a specific audience, say dog lovers, train enthusiasts, classic cars, and so on. This way you gain experience about specific subjects and the person to buy from on eBay.

Fancy Dress

Another very easy project where all you have to do is look for copyright-free patterns and designs which you can combine into books or sell individually. They are all great sellers on eBay especially for traditional fancy dress anniversaries such as Halloween.


The secret here is to look for copyright-free cartoons which you can copy and mount or frame as they are or revamp to suit today’s market. As for other copyright-free material, although there is no law against lifting and using cartoons, it is arguably immoral and unethical to claim the work as your own.

Cater for Lovers …. Of Anything and Everything!

Actually, that title is a little misleading because this project covers virtually every interest for which there is a large, better still, indeterminate audience. Books and such compiled here can be sold in printed, CD or downloadable fashion on eBay.

This is my particular favorite and, arguably, the easiest to profit from. All you do here is clip, collect and collate as many snippets as you can relating to one particular subject or theme. Cats, dogs, golf, writing, children, Amish recipes, fortune-telling, witchcraft, and more, are useful ideas for books that are simply compilations of everything you find on the topic.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1001 Great Golfing Jokes

Everything You Didn’t Know About Cats

Psychic Cat and Dog Stories

1001 Great Dating Tips

500 Amish Recipes

Candles and Witchcraft: Ten True Stories to Brighten Your Life

50 Ways to Reduce Everyday Stress

101 Ways to Market Your Writing

Early Veterinary Practices

Let Grandma’s Kitchen Make Money For You

There’s money to be made from compiling early recipes in book or report form for selling in print, CD or via email attachment from eBay listings. Recipes don’t need to be popular today; you might research and write up on some of the far less appetizing dishes our ancestors might have ‘enjoyed’ centuries before.

Knitting Patterns

Knitting and other craftwork patterns are hugely popular sellers on eBay, especially unusual and niche market types, such as dolls’ clothing, war-time economy designs, clothes for animals, and so on. Again, look for out-of-copyright items and other patterns that never had legal copyright. Many old publications included free patterns as loose items or pull-out publications which need no additional work on them to sell. However, you are not always allowed to copy these items so where you have a good seller, work hard to obtain as many copies of the parent copy publication as possible.

So many books and magazines available, so many ways to make money from them, so what are you waiting for!